Here we answer your questions and queries before booking your portrait photo shoot session. Please also check out our FAQs if you have more questions. You can also Whatsapp and email your questions.

before you arrive

How to Prepare for my photo shoot?

Don’t turn up at the photographer’s studio without a clear idea of what you want from your photographs. You are bound to be disappointed. 

How are the photos going to be used? Who are they aimed at? What mood or feeling do you want to communicate? Collect samples from websites to demonstrate the look you want. Look at your peers’ photos on their websites and social media. This is useful because you can see what works and what doesn’t. Actors please speak to your agent or casting director.

Do a dress rehearsal at home in front of the mirror, practising expressions and poses. Ok, some people will find this easier than others, but it’s vital to know what expressions light up your face and which ones frankly don’t do you justice. Go through your wardrobe to find the clothing that flatters your colouring and fits well. There are more check points below.

For best results on the day, photographers recommend that from a day or so before, you drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep. Ideally, avoid alcohol and smoking the night before, and just before your shoot. Dehydrated, tired skin and dark circles make you older.

What to bring to the photo shoot?

Please have a read below of the things you should bring along to a photo shoot.

Hair products and accessories

A comb or brush, clips, hair bands, straighteners, hair spray or any product to deal with fly away hairs.

If you need a hair cut get it before the photo shoot, although we retouch the photos we can’t work miracles.

Make Up

If you wear make up, please bring it with you, especially foundation. Skin oil blotting paper is a good idea as you will get hot and sweaty under studio lighting.

What to wear(clothing)?

  • Please bring a change of tops with you. Solid colours work best, avoiding patterns and busy textures. Black and white is good.
  • Dark clothes attract less attention – the focus should be on your face.
  • Wear clothes you feel comfortable in. If you’ve been told you’re looking well in a particular outfit, it means it flatters you. Make sure they’re pressed.

What Time to Arrive for your Photo Shoot?

Please arrive 10-5 minutes before your session. Bookings are back to back so if you are late, you lose the time because I can’t run late for my next client.

If you arrive very early there are plenty of Coffee Shops in London Fields, our nearest is Mare Street Market.

How to Get to the Photo Studio?

Please have a read of our how to find us page. 

Copyright and Sharing for Portrait photography


Copyright will always remain that of the photographer “Martin Gomez”. Although the right of use of the photographs is that of the purchaser yourself. Please read my terms and conditions for a full description.

Sharing PHotography online (inc web and app)

You have full rights to use your photographs anywhere you wish. A credit for the photographer “Martin Gomez” or a @ handler would be much appreciated.

Here are my social media names:

Instagram: @yourportraitphoto

Facebook: TBC


If I wish to post your photo to my social media account I will ask your permission by email first, I will also ask for your social media name so that I can tag you and provide appropriate text description etc. Please read our full privacy policy. I will not share or use your photos without your prior permission. Permission will be confirmed via release form or consent email.

Portrait Photography for children under 16

If you are under the age of 16 you must have a parent or legal guardian contact me and organise and pay for your photography session.

On the day of the photo shoot a legal guardian or parent must be there during the length of your photo shoot.

If you are under 16 and turn up without a parent of legal guardian I will refuse to do your photo shoot.